“No one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark.”

– Warsan Shire

We call for those who have survived so much on their long, difficult journeys to be received with the respect, rights and support they deserve. 

Ireland Must Act

Following a recent fire in Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, over 13,000 people now face the prospect of Winter in another over-crowded, under-resourced camp. The humanitarian conditions are bleak, and getting worse by the day. 

Those in the new camp face inadequate access to food, water and weather-proofed shelters. The chronic absence of basic humanitarian infrastructure and supports means both limited access to healthcare, as well as to education. Less than 6% of children living in various refugee camps on the Greek Islands are enrolled in formal, ongoing schooling. Irish medical personnel on the ground predict future, preventable loss of life and profound, traumatic psychological impact.

We have come together through the campaign 400Welcomes to call on the Irish government to act now and bring 400 people from Lesvos to Ireland.. and we want your help to ensure that happens.  

Island of Refuge

In Ireland, we have witnessed a concerning lack of political will in realising an expanded, accelerated relocation programme. This was recently reflected in the government’s decision to accept only 4 unaccompanied children following the fire in Moria, despite the urgency of the situation.

We believe that Ireland can do better, that our island can be one of refuge. We have confidence that the empathy and hospitality of people and communities here runs deep, and can be a resource for those who so deeply need it. 

We call for the urgent evacuation of 400 women, men and children from Lesvos Island – families and UAMs, survivors of torture and gender-based violence, those with medical needs and those making the journey alone.

We call for their relocation outside of the system of Direct Provision that continues to deny asylum seekers social, economic, political and civil rights.

About Us

We are a group of volunteers – medics, teachers, musicians, writers, social care, community and mental health workers who have worked with refugee and asylum-seeking communities in Greece, Calais, Lebanon and Ireland.

We are a group that is led by women and which takes its guidance from women who have lived experience of seeking refuge in Ireland and elsewhere.

We have come together through the campaign 400Welcomes to call on the Irish government to act, and for people to organise to ensure that happens.

How You Can Help


Let TD’s and political representatives know that you echo the call for #400Welcomes.


Donate to support urgent response in the camps, refugee-led education and psycho-social projects in Lesvos.


Learn more about the context, updates and refugee-led media coverage over the coming months.